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Idea - Roman Krikheli and Alexey Bakirov
Artdirector - Alexey Novikov
Correspondent - Ekaterina Smirnova
Account - Natalia Rooban
 So, we won a pitch for the research of Russians’ attitude towards design for the Honda company (applause)Honda initiated several research campaigns in Europe, US and Russiato study specific design perception by local population. You can askyourself: why the research for Honda has been made by a smallcommunication bureau? The answer is simple - there’s no point in large-scale population questionnaires, as 90% of people cannot express their vision clearly.That’s why we in Proekt chose a totally different approach, havingdecided that the right way to do it would be asking leading Russiandesigners in person and get their professional opinions. We calledVladimir Pirozhkov to Beijnig where he was on a business trip, and alsoto Munich, reaching BMW designer Evgueniy Maslov, in Moscow we talkedto fashion designer Max Chernitsov, yacht designer Igor Lobanov,architect Boris Bernasconi, advertising specialist Leonid Feygin andhalf a dozen more competent characters from the world of design.We analysed everything they said and extracted the essence of meaningfrom the text, to present the conclusions in the shape of a bitprovocative brochure in A4 format. The booklet was immediately sentto the head of German Honda R&D Toyohei (Tony) Nakajima who wasat Frankfurt car show at the time. And a month later, Tony Nakajuma andthe head of Brtitish Honda R&D Mitsuhiro Ueno came themselvesto Moscow to assist at the research presentation we launched for themat Proekt.