i Newspaper
Advertising campaign
Create a campaign to make i (The essential daily briefing from the independent) the most read newspaper among students as well as significantly raising their circulation. In addition build a student community and have in-depth engagement/interaction with this market. The campaign had to be highly creative and inelegantly resourceful, capable of putting a small budget to big effect. It needs to begin on campus, but have scope to grow elsewhere.

For my final solution I created a campaign consisting of 6 posters, a magazine advert, billboard advert and an app. From research I identified that the main reason students don’t tent to buy a daily paper was the amount of news that they had to get through in just one day, from this I developed my main concept of information overload and comparing this with the i paper. To illustrate my concept I decided to take each section of the i paper and inked up an image which I overlayerd text onto to create a visual information overload.