(a dIgital fIlm), represented Wales at the Venice Biennale (2011). An exploration through digital technologies of the plight of the bumble bee species produces poetic yet surreal images. 
Working as artist/cut up writer in residence at The Info Shop, Newport (2011). Using the cut up technique I introduced to them, young people created new poetry personal to them, from a cut up of T.S Eliot's The Waste Land.
Downtown Cairo (2011).  Part of a collection of photographs documenting street scenes in various parts of the world.
Love in The Tunnel (2012). Artwork for Music CD Cover.
 Into the Breeze (2007).
Cover of FACM (FIne Art Contemporary Media) group show catalogue at The Truman Gallery, London (2006).

Homage to Jack Kerouac (2003).  Automatic typing performance of , performed over four hours.
Installation of perspex head and light box, with interactive light and sound (2004). University of Wales, Newport.
Surrealist Bank of Dreams performance, as part of  (2010).  Customers filled out bank slips and banked dreams, as part of a group show.
Freud's Dream (2012).  As a member of The International Union of Mail Artists, I engage in creating postcard collages sent to fellow members across the globe.  This piece was sent to a member in Illinois.
Love Grows (2012).  Collage on Canvas.  Part of a collection of art exploring themes of spring and love. Currently on show at The Royal Brompton Hospital, London.
From a collection of street art photography (2012).
A selection of automatic art pen and ink drawings (2006).  Exhibited at Gallery 66, Cardiff, Wales. 
 (2008).  Part of the 'Works on Paper' exhibition, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Wales.
This collage is now on part of a Permanent Collage exhibition at the Puke Ariki Museum, New Zealand. 2013
example of poetry
Performance at City Lights San Francisco 2011
As well as being an artist I am also a member of an Improv band called BOSCH
cows photo 2012
Riverfront Arts Centre Newport International Community Arts 2013
Little Shop of Horace Newport Performace and Ink drawing installation summer 2013
Sound and Poetry Performance 2013
sound and poetry performance chapter arts experimentica 2014
Rochester New York 6x6 exhibition 2014
Sunflower and I womans arts funding postcard exhibition 2014
self/s portrait with Thoms John Bacon Birmingham Cathedral 2013
ElsKa / hJarta /Ljos
Harpa/ Reykjavík 2015


A small collection of Photographs and artwork from 2007-2012

Creative Fields