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    Ad campaign for the 2016 launch of ART's latest climbing innovation, the Spiderjack 3. Created the aesthetic and copy for an ad campaign that wil… Read More
    Ad campaign for the 2016 launch of ART's latest climbing innovation, the Spiderjack 3. Created the aesthetic and copy for an ad campaign that will span print and web. Read Less
ART is a well known manufacturer of mechanical devices for rope climbing. Based out of Germany, their tools are known for being high-end both in design and function.  In 2016, ART is releasing their first new product in almost 5 years, called Spiderjack 3. They wanted to start promoting the new device immediately, in trade magazines, catalogs and online.
Using minimal elements from ART, I developed a very simple theme that utilizes a slight super-hero movie poster aesthetic, that will be used across all mediums.
When I say "minimal elements", I'm referring to the very small amount of input to work with. I was supplied with standard product photos that were a decent resolution, and a handful of in-use photos, that were all low-res screen grabs, except for one RAW file of a climber swinging  through the air.
The photo of the climber swinging through the air caught my attention instantly. His body language, positioning, and expression gave me the super-hero vibe, which led to the campaign concept. I scoured the internet for super-hero photos, most of which follow the modern trend of dark and gritty. While in its own context, the dark and gritty look works, it wasn't a fit for what I wanted to do.
Ultimately, the Spiderjack 3 is the star of the campaign, so I desaturated the photo a bit, and boosted the contrast, in addition to a few other slight tweaks. The end result was a tough, gritty photo, that doesn't feel ominous or steal the show.
Once I had a good idea of how the photo was going to look, and the concept off and running, I looked to add a texture to the aesthetic that would be used to fill any gaps or act as a background in larger pieces.
To build on the super-hero concept, I looked for a texture that resembled the materials used for super-hero uniforms in modern movies. I found one and added a curved trim-line to it, and adjusted the color as needed.
The used a half-page print ad as my starting point, as it's the most challenging in terms of fitting all the elements in the ad. ART's color scheme is red and black, so I played around with those colors for the texture. I decided on the black because the silver and red of the Spiderjack 3 looked best on the black, plus any text placed on the black would read better.
While working through the aesthetics, I was also writing taglines. The Spiderjack 3 is is a device used to ascend and descend a rope, and is ultra responsive to the user. I narrowed my choices down and ultimately decided on BE THE MOVEMENT. It's short, it's related to the products responsiveness, and hopefully gives people the feeling that they're a part of ART's resurgence in the industry.
Once everything was completed, with the tagline in place, and product photo dropped in, the last bit of house cleaning was to create a centered version of the super-hero photo, as he is way off center in the original. It worked OK in the half page ad, but for bigger pieces, I needed him centered, so I got into the Photoshop and extended the right side of the photo.
This is how the elements were arranged for a full page print ad.