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    androp 1st full album "relight"
While the band was recording this album,Japan was struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake, on 11 March.
According to the band: "Up until nowwe had always thought of a light as something that, once lit, stayed litforever. But with the earthquake, we realized that your own light can fade, caneven go out, because of things that happen beyond yourself. We wanted torelight that light that had suddenly faded, that had suddenly gone out."
“Whoever it is, when it comes to beingcaught up in a disaster, they want basically the same things. So that’s wherewe find our common and resonating message of hope.”

“Whoever you are, whether in a disaster ornot, you sometimes encounter obstacles and conflict, however small in scale, onthe road you are traveling. relightis therefore so named in the hope that it will rekindle alittle hope in the heart of whoever listens to it.”
The package comprises a glossy jewel casein a matte sleeve. A single matte black line, albeit of a changing texture,extends longitudinally around the case. Touching the line and then leaving itgenerates a colourful gradation of warm tones on the part touched, conveying aspecific physical message of “creating light amid darkness”, “human warmth”,and “hope”.

Technically speaking, the gradation of warmtones is already printed under the black line, and body heat transmitted bytouching the line causes the black ink to become transparent.

The line encompasses the case, from frontto back, making for a “ring of light” effect when the heat-sensitive ink goesclear.
Removing the matte sleeve and opening theblack case inside reveals a panoply of flamboyant, warm-toned, graduatedcolours.
The lyrics booklet uses thin, translucentpaper, as I wanted the paper to share in tangibility the delicateresponsiveness of the temperature sensitive ink.

The lyrics are printed in vivid, luminous,fluorescent orange. Remove the black sleeve, open the black case, open the warmcolour gradated booklet and…

let the ray of hope that shines from thisalbum

androp official website(JAPAN)