Moon Dude is a mobile game I made with Nick Jensen. He did the programming, I did the art, and we collaborated on everything else. Check it out on the App Store if you've got an iPhone... it's free!
The music in the background of the video was made by me. I have never created any other music in my life, before or since.
Some unlockables. The first one didn't end up in the game, since we decided to make all the cosmetic items sci-fi themed.
Some aliens that got cut. I had a tough time making them feel visually consistent while still, you know, alien.
A comic book-style loading screen that we decided was too out of place.
The rocket went through a few iterations. I'm very proud of the result.
Once upon a time we had an unreasonably complex series of tutorial images. Very bad idea.
Here you can also see the gravity mechanic, which was actually implemented at one point. Eventually we realized that the game got way more fun as gravity decreased, so we scrapped the idea and just made the gravity a lot lower.
We actually had the moon idea after several months of ideation; for a long time it was just nonspecific cuteness.

I created a series of different patterns and colors that would appear at different altitudes as the player went up.
We had an idea for a powerup called the velcro jacket, which would let you stick to walls without sliding down.
Unfortunately, it didn't really make sense any more once we decided on the space theme.