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    Product design for kids, how the design can help the people with physical diseases or disorders here it's and example.
Surreal Dreams
Product Design

This project  was made  for a children institution named Aconiño in Bogotá, Colombia in 2008. Their work it's to help kids with mental or physical  disorders. In this case me as an industrial designer  helped to create a new device for the kids. The device consist in modular rigid pillows, that helps the kids to stimulate their cognitive capacity through the colors and the action - reaction responsive method as a reward. Also the device it's used for ground therapy exercises, such as grab and lift objects from the ground, body balance and stretching routines.
 Surreal Dreams Test
Horizontal Stack of Modules
Top View of a Single Module
Module in Vertical Disposition
Set of Light Filters
Lights and Buttons for the Set
Product Front View
Textile Textures
Mechanisim Close Up
Storage of the Device