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    Illlustration work for Raskals LA, a lifestyle brand, located in Los Angeles, CA // Client: Raskals Brand LA | https://www.raskalsla.com
This is an illustration I worked on for Raskals, a lifestyle brand, located in Los Angeles, CA. They had provided an image that they wanted me to reference, a tattoo piece created by tattoo artist, Sir Twice, of the famous Little Rascals character, Alfalfa. I also referenced the original headshot of the Alfalfa TV character. Off of these I recreated the same image, with instead their provided Raskals Brand logo (above) on the neck of Alfalfa, starting with a mockup I created in Photoshop. To get this piece as accurate as possible and initially wanting to get this done as quick as possible, I tried a common portrait tattoo technique, starting out with a topographic stencil, wanting the goal of this piece to be a focus on the accuracy, the detail, and the shading and highlights. The client wanted the piece to be a pencil drawing. 

Materials: 2h, h, b, 2b, and 6b pencils and no shaders.

Client: Raskals LA | https://www.raskalsla.com
Top Left: Referenced tattoo piece created by tattoo artist, Sir Twice
Top Right: Referenced original headshot of the Alfalfa TV character with mocked-up Raskals brand logo/tattoos
Bottom: Mocked-up headshot photograph neck tattoo transform in progress in Photoshop
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