3D Artwork

Some of my attempt to explore the 3D Dimensions - Ey, im just a begginer!
Mystic Tree

First Attempt in digital Sculpture using Zbrush
Azalin Rex

Azalin, a character for the Roleplaying D&D Scenario "Ravenloft" First try in Zbrush. Not Bad
Path of Secrets
3D Max

Rendered in V-Ray, It seems like the old-videogames pre-rendered backgrounds, right?
Gundam with Katana
3D Max

I made a Gundam! i´m not a big fan of mechas, but it was nice to learn how to do it, rendered in V-ray
My First Scene
3D Max

This was my first try of creating something in 3d Max, a coffee Scene.
The Gauntlet
3D Max and Zbrush

This is the Gauntlet that the character of my Hollow Man Studios Intro has. Lots of Polys.
Signs of Identity ¡In 3d!
3D Max

I love my glasses! worship them!
The Worm
Zbrush and 3D Max

i wanted to create a character with wrinkles, i did the tooth also in zbrush, but the tongue and the eyes were made in 3D Max, also the Illumination, rendered with Mental Ray
Berty in 3D
3D Max

First try to create a character for animation, but this little fella didn´t make it to the final process. Shame.

Peaceful Forest

A tree with the Ivygenerator plugin to create...ivy. and a decent light, background and color adjustements in Photoshop
Future Neraka
3D Max

I wanted to create a circular futuristic city. When i formatted my PC i forgot to save this file, i lost it. :(
3D Max

A very big telescope, made in 3d Max, textures, lights and rendering in V-RAY
3D Artwork
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Ignacio Ferrando