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    The Offbeat Rio de Janeiro
- the incomplete guide to Rio's secret side

"alter Rio" is a project that aims to portrait a new visual imaginary of Rio de Janeiro - The Offbeat Rio!
[alter] is a latin word that means 'other', thus it's an invitation for a journey through the diversity of human experiences that one can capture in Rio's daily life. "alter Rio" is a teaser to discover the invisible and unexpected situations, in a city where all fantasies may come true! You are entering now underneath the secrets of "Cidade Maravilhosa". Have fun and tell no one!

OFFICIAL SITE. www.10pt.org/alterrio
>>> more photographs, videos and stories available upon request (miguel@miguelpinheiro.com)

images by ©Miguel Pinheiro
(all images are copyrighted and cannot be used without written permission)
Favela do Jacarézinho - RJ
Morro da Providência - RJ
Pedra do Sal - RJ
Pedra do Sal - RJ
Irajá - RJ
Morro da Providência - RJ
Saúde - RJ
Praça Mauá - RJ
Copacabana - RJ
Paquetá - RJ