LINKDEX - Complete redesign/UX/UI
About the project

Overview: Linkdex is a leading analytics and marketing tool (2015's Best SEO Software from the US Search Awards). It's used by high-profile clients including Microsoft and Razorfish among others.


I worked on this project together with NYC-based agency ProduxLabs. ​​​​​​​The goal of the project was to completely revamp Linkdex's user interface and introduce new features. 

Using initial research done my ProduxLabs I produced prototypes and high-fidelity UI design that is now been implemented by Linkdex. 

Official press release - Brand New Linkdex.

Timeline: 8 weeks.

My role: Initial UX, but mostly UI design and asset delivery

Tools: Sketch, InVision, Photoshop, Zeplin.
1) UX/UI and Visual design for Rank tracking page — the very core of Linkdex SEO tool. 
2) UX/UI and Visual design for popup/overlay tag editing tables.
3) UX/UI and Visual design for dropdown project selector, Add keyword menu at Rank tracking page and rankings table.
4) UX/UI and Visual design for tag editor.
5) Prototypes, UX/UI and Visual design for two versions of the left menu visible across all pages in the platform.
6) UX/UI and Visual design for keyword and tag editor — new feature introduced in the latest version of Linkdex, based on user research.
7) UX/UI and Visual design for pop up tables for management of multiple accounts.
8) UX/UI and Visual design for keyword research view.
9) UX/UI and Visual design for overview of indexed content and site selector dropdown.

10) Visual design for Show Me feature, one of the main improvements in the new version of Linkdex.


Design a shortcut to find valuable insights in your marketing data. A faster way to get deep insight.


User Interviews. Finding patterns among users on the platform.

Web Analytics. Following sequence of actions to understand where users get stuck.


We had to understand what kind of data our users need the most to act on quickly and that would be immediately useful. Digging into analytics and through user interviews we found the most pressing issues and also the ones that are easiest to solve.

For example, what are the keywords with the most traffic potential. Search keywords that could rank high even with little investment, low hanging fruits.

Or where competitor's pages have outranked us.


Show Me feature.​​​​​​​ Find low-hanging fruits using special filters.
LINKDEX - Complete redesign/UX/UI

LINKDEX - Complete redesign/UX/UI

Linkdex redesign
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