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“Words about Bespoke…”- We are praise junkies...:)

Mrs. ________,
I did look at your property last Sat with Jerry and Michelle.  I also reviewed their plans in greater depth yesterday.  I thought that you may be anxious to have the improvements completed before next season so  I called Jerry late yesterday  to let him know that he should explore other contractor options. Unfortunately the scope of work is too expansive for me
to complete before that time due to my current commitments.    You have
found an excellent design team and we have had great success working
together.   Jerry & Michelle have a uncanny ability to listen to their
clients and create spaces that match lifestyles.  Follow their lead and you too will have a successful project.
Maurice "Mo" Bernstel
Construction Connection

Mark, Patti and all,   Last Fall we entered the Kitchen in the Eighth Sub-Zero/Wolf Kitchen Design Contest for 2010-2012.   They had 116 entries from Florida and 1600 entries nationwide. The Florida winners were announced last Thursday evening in Ft Lauderdale and they go on to the final round in May in Madison, Wisconsin.  From Florida, they selected 2 runner –up Kitchens and a First, Second and Third Place Winners.  The Kitchen at 27 Mountain Lake was not selected as one of the winners.   They announced that for this year they added a “Traditional Kitchen” category to the contest because the contest had been criticized for only selecting Contemporary Kitchens as past winners.  They then announced 5 Contemporary Kitchens as the Florida winners.  During the event, all the entries were shown on a slide show and the Bostick Kitchen was certainly equal to or better than any of the other submittals, but that is just my impartial opinion.  There was some good news however as Michelle Drysdale and Jerry Wilson did win First Place for a Kitchen they designed on a renovation project in Annapolis, MD.  We congratulate them and wish them success in the final round in May.    Joe
Joseph C. Hafner, AIA, C.C.S., LEED AP
1408 West Swann Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33606
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Review for Bespoke Design & Consulting
posted by bradaugsburger
Relationship: Colleague
Project Date: October 2011
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999
My experience working with Michelle and Jerry of Bespoke was fantastic, their professionalism and up-beat demeanor was refreshing and made my job very enjoyable.

They approached me to construct a massive, 13' long x 4' wide x 3' high concrete island that they had designed as part of a kitchen project for a high-end residence in Tampa, Fl. As you might imagine, there are many challenges to consider in constructing such a large monolithic piece of concrete, especially one that is to be finished for use in a kitchen and that will be the support structure to house the under-mounted, 'floating' cabinetry incorporated with their design. I found Michelle and Jerry to be very respectful of my expertise, incredibly competent in their own and a real pleasure to work with.
On 05/09/13 1:23 PM, Bickford Pat wrote:
I am absolutely impresssed. You have certainly earned your gold star. Looked at your entire site and was in awe of some of the transformations. Having been in the building trades with Birnie for so many years, I recognize true talent when I see it.
Congratulations to you and Jerry.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2013
I was thrilled with the design of my new kitchen by MichelleTheir persistence in meeting my difficult demands was very impressive. I fully endorse Bespoke design.
If you hire them be prepared to be amazed !!

Kindersley Homes
Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2011
Project Price: $1,000-$9,999
Bespoke consulted with my team and provided creative solutions in a kitchen design that suited our needs. The kitchen was challenging due to an unusual shape plus an excess of door and window openings. Bespoke came up with a design that allowed the best utilization of the space, an improved flow and was aesthetically pleasing. I would recommend Bespoke for their "outside of the box" ideas and warm and engaging customer service.

“Words about Bespoke…”- We are praise junkies...:)

“Words about Bespoke…”- We are praise junkies...:)

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