Remix | Kale at Cersaie 2015
Remix: when a pop song is under a deconstructing/reconstructing treatment producing a new track with a (variable) degree of distance from the original. Is this applicable to a (pop) architecture?
Reworking a new version of this exhibit asked for a deeper investigation into the client’s nature. Kale is made of many brands and their (alchemic?) combination results in a multilayered composition, attractive in its complexity. This relationship between similar but different identities belonging to the same family is visually expressed using Mendeleev’s periodic table as an appropriate reference.

Boosting the previous year’s spatial and formal concepts products are displayed in an immersive environment where abstract ironic styling and dramatic lighting help to keep high the thrill. Additionally, wider paths, more transparency and enhanced service areas were provided.
client | kale group

creative direction | paolo cesaretti
design team | paolo cesaretti | debora palmieri | paola danesi
visual design | claudia astarita
styling | fulvia carmagnini | laura mauceri

contractor | la bottega
trade show | cersaie 2015, bologna IT
area | 700 sqm

photo | lorenzo pennati | strefano stagni | denis molinari
postproduction | lorenzo pennati
Remix | Kale at Cersaie 2015