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Toyota Prius Unlimited (Plug-in). Augmented reality App and brand identity.
Augmented reality App
Launch operation for the New Toyota Prius Unlimited.
The new Prius is now rechargeable using a common elettric plug making it the first virtually unstoppable car on the market.
Five car will be driven around Rome as a launch teaser. We developed an augmented reality app for smartphones that add something uniquely special to the car passing by: a plug with its cord fall down from the sky, following the car wherever she goes staying plugged on the roof top as long as the audience frame it with their phones.
Logo concept and design.
App concept and design.
AR Promotional Card: this card is a sneak peak on the augmented reality world of Toyota Prius Unlimited. On the back there are the instructions to download and use the app.
Aiming your phone at the front of the promo-card reveal a 3d model of the Toyota Prius Unlimited, running on the logo infinite times.
Aiming the phone at the Prius passing by reveals the secret of the infinite electric energy of the car.
The augmented reality plug keeps following the car as long as the car is framed with phone's camera.
Car branding.