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    Branding image and packaging for marine salt under ESSA Sal Company
Essa Sal is a Mexican government company fusioned with Mitsubishi Corporation; it is located on Guerrero Negro, Baja California on the west coast of Mexico, a place known as a sanctuary for the blue whale and a wide variety of bird species.
They are dedicated to the salt harvesting industry and have many divisions inside the company; one of them is Baja Pacific (table salt).
The purpose of the project was to re design the company's logo that already presented a low abstraction of a blue whale and give it a newer, richer and appealing look.
The "cuteness" trend in the Japanese culture was the concept chosen by the client for the re branding. Therefor a "cartooned" image of a whale was created to be the main focus of the brand along with a sans serif lettering designed specially to meet the curved forms of the whale image in order to ground it and display it as an integrated whole. 
A line of product labels and containers were created from it . Water splashes were used as secondary elements and different colors were selected to differentiate products.