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    A fictional magazine created for the large format photography enthusiast.
CROP Magazine
The Canadian Journal of Large–Format Photography
This was a project to create a new fictional magazine for a specialized, niche market. I decided to create a magazine about large format photography (a passion of mine).

I wanted the magazine to have a certain level of class and exclusivity. There are not many large format photographers out there. I was lucky to be able to find a few famous artists (Nick Knight, Ed Burtynsky)
that still do.

Each jump spread is treated differently; photography, typography, and illustrative.

This was a fun project to do.

NOTE:  I have made drastic changes to the design and layout.  Cleaned it up and made it look a bit less student(y).  Having interned at a magazine and a print design shop this past summer, I have learned to pare back my designs. Get rid of the excess, and let the design speak for itself.  A dummy advert was added to fill in the page.