San Francisco Giants BASEBALL GAME SKETCHES 1993 - 2011
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    Drawings done at SF Giants baseball games in San Fransisco.
San Francisco Giants

I draw wherever I go.

Especially at a baseball game.
The SF GIANTS "AT&T PARK" is considered the most beautiful stadium in baseball.

I love the game — and go frequently with a variety of friends & family.
From where I live I can drive south about 60 miles (in my Red Truck) and then catch the ferry that crosses the San Francisco Bay and delivers the passengers right to the park — it's on the water. The park was built in 2000 and features a short wall in right field where a home run - out of the park - actually lands in the water in the BAY.
It's called a Splash Hit.

To every game I attend I take
a small wooden box filled with colored pencils and markers.
Also a small 5.5x8.5 sketch book — or those really cool Post Card pads with blank sides.
Great textured paper.
As I begin to draw the game, my 'neighbors' in the stands, always watch and eventually ask,
shyly, if I could draw a drawing for them. I always say, "You're next!".
Almost all the drawings I create I give away. To youngsters and adults alike.

I'm amazed at how people react when they see an artist drawing.
And an artist who will draw for them.
Art must be in people's lives.
I do my best to spread the news.

Art is the universal language.
I experience it's magic every day.

Following are some of the drawings I have managed to keep through the years.
Some are long and studied - some a quick gestures. I do all kinds.
I have drawn dozens and dozens and dozens of drawings for fans of the game — since 1993.


Below are drawings done at the old stadium: CANDLESTICK PARK ... pre 2000.

Thanks for playing.

The season starts in less than a week.

The smell of the new-mowed grass...
the sound o' the crack o' the bat...
an' the roar of the crowd...