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    Photographer: Elena Bovo Model: Martina Salmaso, Giorgia Salmaso
The series “Sisters” was born with the intent to develop the argument of the delicate relationship among brothers. In this particular work the matter concerns the more complex thematic of twins, often discussed in litarature, theatre and also in cinema to explain the concept of duplicity, verifiable also in a single person, and the inevitable contrasts that ensue.
The investigation of this fantastic aspect of the nature that always arouses amazement and takes to a sort of slight perceptive doubt, is a mean to describe the development of a singolarity in many directions. Portraying Martina and Giorgia was the occasion to highlight how the nature minutely defines the differences in a system that has a unique origin: the common shared imprinting of two almost equal aesthetically persons, the existance of so strong and so inseparable biological links that often we talk about a telepathic link; all this is the mirror of an identity that goes over the limits of the body to projects itself towards its duplicated image. But it is just the study of these subjects that allows to point out the traces of the single characteristic differences that describe the impetuous expression of the personality of the single element; unconscious attitudes or unique and unrepeatable expressions, are the evidences of two distinct existances, even if so similars. The manifestation of non shared characteristics in a situation of global, apparent unity.