Pulp Fiction infographic posters

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  • Pulp Fiction infographics 
    A visualisation of the Tarantino classic
  • The idea behind this piece of work is simple. A film is a story, and most stories describe a journey. There is a start, middle and end to every film or story, and likewise for every journey. 
    To create the Pulp Fiction infographics I researched all the real life locations used to shoot the film, these were all in and around L.A. I plotted them onto google maps then used that data to create the tube style map used in the design. I linked each scene using lines colour coded to link to a character from the film. This tells us what characters went where, who they encountered etc. Action icons appear next to some scenes to denote key themes from the film: deaths and drugs. 
    The first poster shows the map and characters routes through the film. The second poster is a breakdown of each scene in playing order.