Casa Bahia is the exclusive mansion that the cinema director - who became an architect–, Alexander Landes has in the prestigious district of Coconut Grove, Miami. Casa Bahía was designed for locations and to rent it to people that simply want to live in it and enjoy the experience.  

The house stands out by its contemporary architecture and the context in which it is located.
Bunker3022 was hired to design its identity. The task was not easy, through its main piece –a big brochure–, we decided to tell a story in which not everything was told, where the limits between interiors and exteriors were not clear, emphasizing therefore the connection with the nature.

We alternated abstract images with literal images, textures with common spaces, always leaving something for the user to discover or imagine, so that people wanted to come and see the house.

Casa Bahía –– March 2016

Video by Alejandro Landes.