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    Break New Ground In Beauty Branding - D&AD New Blood 2016 Submission - Deviant Hair Removal
The Challenge
Within branded packaging, the beauty category is among the most clichéd. Why do men’s personal care products look like power tools, whilst women’s remain delicate and ultra feminine? The world has moved on. Create a new-to-world, accessible, mass-market beauty brand that breaks established category codes.
Your brand should be a response to some of the issues with which modern, post-demographic consumers identify: gender stereotypes, healthy body image, environmental concerns, or any other issues you feel are relevant to users of beauty products today.
Deviant Logo - to 'deviate' is to depart from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behaviour. The logo consists of upper case, lower case and rotated letters, suggesting the letters 'deviating' against each other. Deviant touches on a variety of stereotypical issues within the beauty sector, such as gender, healthy body image. The branding consists of a 'handwritten' style, representing a chaotic nature, of going against the norm. 
The story-telling concept was the route I decided to go down. I have created these hand-written style typography prints, that wrap around the packaging for the hair removal products. Each product range has a different story, spoken in first point of view, and the tone of voice is meant to be fun, but most importantly relatable to the consumer. 

The purpose of these stories is for my audience to engage with them, relate with them, and perhaps question why they choose to remove hair. Do they remove hair for themselves? Or is it due to the everyday pressures in society these days, to look like the ‘perfect human’.  We really go through a lot of effort, and sometimes pain, in order to remove something that is naturally supposed to be there. So, who else is more important than yourself in this situation? 
Deviant Hair Removal wants it’s consumers to resist societal pressures, and feel happy in their natural skin. 
My mock up shots of the razor packs. Each pack contains a razor, with two refills. There are 3 products within the range. Razors dedicated to body areas, rather than genders. One for the face, the body, and for those more delicate areas. Research suggests that different razors should be used for different reasons. ‘Female’ razors are created to cover a larger surface area, which is shown in the larger razor head, whereas ‘Male’ razors are made for tougher hairs, such as on the face. Deviant razors look to cut out the gender segment, and provide a neutral range for everyone to use. 
My mock up shots of the Waxing packs. Similiarly there are 3 products in the range. Like the raxors, the wax is dedicated for certain areas of the body. One for the face, the body and those delicate areas again. Waxing is perhaps typically seen as quite a feminine activity, but in fact all genders do participate in waxing, whether that is their legs, their chest, or their back. Deviant hair removal provides products that doesn’t make men ‘feel girly’ or females ‘feel manly’. 
My mock up shots of the tweezer packs. Again, there are 3 products in the range. A slanted one, a rounded one, and a pointed tweezer.  All of the Deviant products are packaged in boxes, and therefore the materials used are a sustainable option. On the bottom of the packs, consumers are asked to ‘Please deviate responsibly and recycle this pack’ since we don’t want them to deviate from social norms all too much do we! 
Since we like to do things differently, why would we want to make a standard ‘boring’ magazine advert. We deviate, we go against the norm. The idea behind these magazine adverts is that the design runs over to the next page, in a landscape way, rather than a portraiture way. Plus double impact, making the consumer see the advert twice. The advert would be placed in a mix of different gender magazines. Girly ones such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour, but also Men’s magazines such as Men’s Health, and GQ. With it being a mass market product, the aim is to get it out there to all post-demographics.