Overvecht zo tussen '64 en '76

Overvecht zo tussen '64 en '76 (2010) is a video art-piece with a strong documentary flavour made by artist Renée Kool for the city of Utrecht. It's a trip back to the sixties and seventies when the first residents arrived in the Overvecht quarter of the city of Utrecht. The high-rise buildings were unique to the Netherlands. The video takes a look at the architectural designs and society during those decades and allows the viewer to fly through a '3d-construction plan' of the quarter as it was built back then. 
When we arrive at points of interest in the 3d-landscape these locations change into the photographic or video elements made on exactly the same location. Pieces of photographs and memories appear, move and disappear in an abstracted white 3d landscape.
The 3d-models were made by engineering consultancy Movares (Utrecht), the animation, and art-design was done by me under direction by Kool.
(some screenshots or video's were taken from the first cut and are not present in the final version)