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    A quick 48h group project that started with the question "what are hidden treasures?"
Aqui Há Bairro
Project for Global Service Jam Lisbon
Global Service Jam 2012 was a 48h workshop that got teams all around the world thinking about ServiceDesign. More so, regardless of location, the starting topic was the same for all: "Hidden Treasures".

From here, it was the teams´ responsibility to understand what "Hidden Treasures were" and how to design a service related to them. Our team included a social innovator (Miguel Jerónimo) , a business design consultant (Sandra Simões), a real estate consultant (Mónica Bastos), a design student (Inês Seixas) and an industrial designer (me).

We designed an event where people from a neighbourhood could meet in informal places (such as bars,cultural associations, terraces, etc) to teach each other something they know. Informally, the project name we used all the time was "TED Tascas" ("TED Tavern" in English)

The video below explains it in a quicker way.

The basic premise of the project is that people have skills that can be shared and, in that process, social relationships can be created. The community aspect is central to this and we took a conscious decision not to base our project on websites or mobile applications, as it would not fit the sort of traditional neighbourhoods we were targeting.
Through brainstorming and debating, it became clear that most of our ideas of "Hidden Treasures" fit in four broad categories: "surprises", "feelings", "places" and "relationships". This was not surprising in itself, but it was perfect to set the tone for the rest of the project and its focus the "non-material treasures". 

To understand how treasures could be distributed by context, we had them clustered in three groups. This helped to see how dependent on external conditions these treasures were. Personal treasures relied less on the outside world, as one would expect, and therefore were more within one´s immediate reach.
After some indoors discussion, we turned to the outside and went talking to people on the street. When asked about "Hidden Treasures" some people thought of pirate maps and crosses, but others (the majority, actually) saw things in a less concrete way.

"Relationships" and "Potential" were the definitive winners, with most people mentioning their connection to others or their gifts, talents or abilities.
So, if people value relationships and people have personal skills they are proud of, we could use them together! The idea is that by sharing something (and we envisioned quite practical stuff, very hands on), people form bonds.
A sizeable part of the population of Lisbon´s traditional neighbourhoods does not use internet as a meeting place. This made us sure not to design the whole proposal around a website or mobile application.
Rather than that, we propose that established local association act s