QF12 - Carrinha Trágica

This video is about youth: a crazy road trip based on João and Rodolfo throwbacks, always "guided" by a mysterious devil creature, symbolizing the adversities we all face during our lives - even when we're young.

This project started one evening nearly two years ago when we were sitting around Joao’s house, drinking beers and listening to the demos of QF12. When Carrinha Tragica came on we all saw this in having potential in becoming an animation video.
Both Joao and Rodolfo had some plans and ideas on how they saw this video being produced and we decided to partner up with Barbara R. and then the wheels were very much set in motion.

We started working on this project and agreed that each week we would sit down and work on the narrative and storyboard. We got through huge piles of drawings and equally huge amount of time was spent rendering items on Photoshop and After Effects.

Naturally a project as complex as this brings its own challenges, like zero budget for instance :D  ...however, we got motivated exploring ideas and experiment as freely as we wished. We did receive some guidance and assurance from Nuno Goncalves and Marco Boto for which we are humbly grateful.

QF12 is a Portuguese music project by the authors Rodolfo Jaca, João Correia, Carlos Afonso, Pedro Freitas and Pedro Correia.

Teaser featured on Antena 3 (one of the main portuguese radio stations). 


As a project that took almost 2 years to come out, it was really challenging for all of us.
In the following pictures you can see sketches in our notebooks, draws before the animation process, and some pictures of us pretending we're working :D

Idea: QF12, Carlos Marques, Pedro Teixeira & Bárbara R.
Animation & Compositing: 
Carlos Marques
Storyboard: Pedro Teixeira
Illustration: Bárbara R.
Characters: Pedro Teixeira

“Carrinha Trágica” Produced by Quinta Feira 12 / Co-Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Valente at Caos Armado Studios, Santa Maria da Feira
QF12 - Carrinha Trágica

QF12 - Carrinha Trágica

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