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    Symmetrical patterns , a search for perfection
A perfect World, lines, curves, colors, repeating themselves on both sides of the middle line. Why that? Our mind defines what attracts our eye and catches our attention, in this case is it a mathematical background, a state of mind, finding beauty in a chaotic World? According to scientists, the more symmetrical a human face is, the most beautiful it is perceived... Maybe this works for architecture too ! 
Photo exhibition that took place in Shanghai - Gallery 87 on Moganshan road in November 2011.
Paris - Charles de Gaulle airport
Shanghai - Elevated highway
Singapore - bridge
Shanghai - Financial center
Shanghai - TV tower
Shanghai - EXPO 2010 
Cambodia - Phnom penh temple
Cuba - Havana - National museum
Shanghai - EXPO in Pudong
China - Suzhou - Museum 
Paris - Charles de Gaulle airport - Elevated road
Paris - Charles de Gaulle airport
Shanghai - Wheelock tower
Paris - Eiffel tower
Shanghai - Pudong airport
Shanghai - shopping mall
Shanghai - subway
Shanghai - subway
Shanghai - K11 building
Shanghai - sea side sculpture
Shanghai - building at sunset
Shanghai - Nanpu bridge
Salzburg - Cathedral
Paris - Grand Palais
Paris - covered passageway
Osaka - Pachinko room
Shanghai - old house