We collaborated with Raw TV on the development of our original take on the singularity, the point where artificial intelligence becomes self aware and more intelligent than the human race. We created a seven minute proof of concept, teasing at a larger project currently in development. Our role developed along the course of the project from consultation and script development, to directing an ambitious live action shoot and finally delivering TV standard visual effects, all in house in the Factory Fifteen Studio.
The film shows one vignette within a bigger picture, highlighting an AI called ANA who deceives Jim, a redundant car factory worker, in giving her full control over the facility. ANA is imbedded into every major manufacturing industry in the world, including medical and food resources. Her seeming betrayal to mankind could be devastating. Only she knows her true intentions.
The below images and sketches represent a fraction of the work created by a small dedicated team of designers and 3D artists at Factory Fifteen. 
Crucial to every film or animation project we undertake is the storyboard process. We spent several weeks in storyboarding several options for the film while developing the script with RAW.
While developing the storyboard we begin planning the environments we will be shooting in and also creating everything to scale in 3D. We create a basic 3D animation of our film in pre-visualisation. This helps us to plan almost all camera angles and setups within the film, which was necessary as our shooting window was extremely small at only 2 days.
Below are a selection of stills captured from the final film itself.
While planning the shoot we designed and modelled the other characters in the film, namely the mechanical arm and the mech robot ANA builds. Set extensions, interior control room, and a series of other assets were also created.
The ANA logo itself also went through a design development before we decided on the simple option second row left. The logo was an important element in the film, communicating the omnipotence of ANA and can be found everywhere in the film if you look hard enough.
From Jims desk, mobile and tablet, to the factory floor interfaces, everything had to be designed with function at the centre.
We would like to thank everyone involved who made this piece of work. Full credits list below.
The History Channel
Proof Of Concept
Production Company: Raw TV
Director / Designer / Animator / VFX: Factory Fifteen
DOP: Ben Kracun
Staring: Richard Brake
ANA Voice: Gerogina Sutcliffe
Production Designer: Laura Tarrant Brown
Executive Producer: Katherine Butler
Line Producer: Ros Davidson
Production Executive: Sandra Shuttleworth
Composer: Mark Sayfritz
1st Assistant Director: Stuart JC Williams
2nd Asst Director: Iseult Frere
3rd Asst Director: Audrey LeStrat
Art Director: Candice Marchlewski
Construction: Nick Akass / Gabrielle Williams
Costume / Make-up & SFX: Erika Okvist
Casting Director: Aisha Walters
Archive Producer: Jesse Vile
Storyboard Artist: Cyrille Nomberg
Focus Puller: Sam Rawlings
Gaffer: Rik Burnell
Electricians: Killian Drury, Dan Stones, Harry Gay
Clapper Loader: Woody Gregson
Camera Trainee: Tom Green
Grip: Fric Lopez
Sound: Gary Dodkin
Tracking: Peanut
Final mix / Sound FX / Online / Grading: Prime Focus


We collaborated with Raw TV on the development of our original take on the singularity, the point where artificial intelligence becomes self awar Read More

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