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Bio-ware & Harness
Group Project: Daniel To & Sam Lin
The Zephyr BioHarness™ is a smart fabric sensor which enables people to capture and transmit comprehensive physiological data of the wearer via mobile and fixed data networks. It is currently being used by Military/First response units, professional sports teams and high end consumers like fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers.

The client asked these three issues to be looked at:

The target user group that was chosen for our design solution was for the Military/First response units, as the issues that the client outlined would affect them the most.

The Bio-ware system was created as a solution to keeping the user aware of the functionality of the BioHarness™ and also acts as a charging cradle. The Bio-ware system easily clips onto the users clothing or gear. This allows for a flexible system which lets the user decide how they want to use the product. The Bio-ware system also uses a combination of colour and symbols to communicate quickly the information the user needs. The red light represents recording mode, the blue represents Bluetooth, the purple represents when both Bluetooth and recording mode are on and the yellow light indicates the device is charging. The battery level meter and the sensor symbols also illuminate to communicate to the user.

When the BioHarnessTM is not in use, the Bio-ware system is now used as a charging cradle. Just mount the record/transmit device into the Bio-ware system and plug into a USB power source. Two solutions in one flexible product.

The BioHarnessTM fitting system is designed to be simple and repeatable. To ensure that the BioHarness™ length is adjusted correctly each time, a measuring system was developed. The process allows the user to find their optimal strap length quickly by matching up the measurement markings. The user can use the corresponding size marker for the next time they use the product.

The Bio-ware system and the BioHarness™  are designed to work in harmony with each other, giving the user total awareness of their product.