ON-Q Carry Bag
A carrying system designed around the ON-Q ‘Pain Buster’ System.

What is the ON-Q?

The ON-Q is a portable post-operation pain relief pumpthat provides pain relief to users that have under gone minor surgery. The ON-Q system allows the user to beadmitted from the hospital early allowing them to heal at home.

How does the ON-Q Work?

The ON-Q is a balloon type pump that is filled with amedicine to treat the pain. This pump is attached to a catheter/catheters (small tube near the procedure site).The pump automatically delivers the medicine at a veryslow flow rate. In time, as the medicine is delivered, thepump ball will gradually become smaller and wrinkles willbegin to from around that bag.

The Product:

This carry bag has been designed to safely and securely hold the ON-Q pain relief system while providing post-operative patients with continuous pain relief away from the hospital and within their daily lives.

The form of this carry bag is designed to comfortably wrap around a users body, allowing it to be work under or over clothing and strap securely in a way that allows the bag to move with the user so the ON-Q system can function at its best.  As the image of normality is important to users post surgery the aesthetics of this bag is simple and subtle. The interior fittings of this carry bag has been designed to securely hold the ON-Q balloon, preventing it from being damaged and affected by the user’s body temperature. A foam piece moulded to the shape of the carry case is used to maintain the shape of the bag, while providing the ability to compress and wrap comfortably around the user’s side. 

To securely hold the ON-Q balloon, a slightly smaller circle than the diameter of an ON-Q balloon has been cut out from the middle of this foam mould. As the ON-Q balloon gradually gets smaller due to its function, a combination of elastic and EVA is used to follow the decreasing size of the ON-Q balloon. On this strap is a circular disk that is used to secure and separate the ON-Q balloon and the user’s skin, keeping the ON-Q at an appropriate temperature.