Flint Capital
Flint capital is an international venture capital fund that focuses on fast growing as well as developed markets. After a series of successful deals in Russia fund than has decided to explore new markets and has opened offices in USA, Europe and Israel.
That brought up a new task – international brand recognition which required the development of a new corporate identity and certain changes in the fund website. Website had to be simple and reputable as well as informative and easy to understand.
During this process the team developed a new logo, which was fully consistent the customer’s views. The stylish font and the Eagle reflect the style of the conservative american business and the blue color expresses the stability and security.
The site is built on the principle of a landing page with the original horizontal scrolling.
Text was cut, that increased the free space, which, in turn, led to an easier comprehension. It’s not customary in the western markets to tell stories, it’s done best by listing the transactions portfolio.
Adaptive version of the site.
Thank you!
Art Director
Arthur Arsyonov 

Igor Stepahin, 
Aleksandr Kontariev 

Web developer
Konstantin Zotov 

Daria Golikova

Looi Factory, 2015
Flint Capital