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    R³bots - recycled, reused and rebuilt from trash. Posable action-figure robots. They will look great on your shelf!!!
R³BOTS(är'kyōōb͡bŏts)recycle, reuse and rebuild
The project R³bots begins as an idea for a stop-motion short movie.

The robot concept as a character appears by necessity instead of  intention, meaning that in fact the robot itself it's the armature without the "body" or "skin".

While developing the creative process, the use of recycled parts and components of electronic items (DVD players, stereo players, computers, motherboards, lighters, old toys, etc.) has become fundamental in defining the initial concept of this project.

The animation has led to the construction and development of robots that at this point assumes a strong image and defined posture as objects. Each one is unique and built in a very fluid process without any draft whatsoever or character study.

I like to think that they assemble themselves. The pieces come together fitting themselves, creating bodies, skeletons that results in a single unique character, a R³bot.
All of them comes with a customized display, also built from recycled parts (jars, plastic boxes, old lamps, drives,etc.).

Work in progress. More to come!
#R³bot one

   5.1 " / 16 articulation points  /  2 functional blue leds  /  1X 3DCV battery
o 2ne
# R³bot one display
8.2 " / 1X 3DCV battery