logos, marks & symbols
If it works in black & white, it will work in any color.
(one of the first advices I gotthere are more than a few,
but some of theam are pretty good ;)
a dance school
You know sisters, often total opposites ;)
For a crazy bunch down under,
"Grinning like a shot fox" they were :)
A publishing house in China,
unbelievably good clients.
a yoga studio.
Still makes me smile ;)
a gossipkindofsite
"... Sometimes it just means "Forget about it."
Run Forrest! Run!!
a clothing company
"Ego is dancing on a thin ice - tread gently " - 
the best advice ever!
For a start up,
funny - there are all sort of start ups,
but no end ups ... ¿
an postproduction crew
in all honesty, it was right after we lost Bowie, guess I was influenced ... a bit
a dancing company
Nature is speaking, just listen 
Respect nature, before and after enjoying.
swiss metal & machinery recycling factory
Identity for a Building
A R C H i T R i C K S 
designers will make it pretty, but architecture will save the day
a symbol for a blog writer,
guess what sort of blog ;)
G O N Z O 
Time is unforgiving, but justice is up to us!
Vector file is "ask2get" none commersial use only.
Zen ...
for a Bar
It was an open call art district,
turn out ... not so open ;(
still a lot of fun
You may not have the looks. 
You may not have the dash.
But to win yourself a girl,
If you only got a
moustache ... 
(a million ways to die in the west)
a poster graphic for
How does a happy Fly ... fly :)
a treatment for a Bar sign
Golf Book App
25th anniversary treatment
№ 1 GD
a singing detective
Integrated Vessel Control
So long & thanks for all the fish
logos, marks & symbols

logos, marks & symbols

Various types, signs, symbols & marks.