Tago is a graduation project made for the bachelor's degree in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano. The brief of the project was to give an identity to an anonymous object as the twine: a versatile and creative object, leads to search for the thousands of possibilities inherent in it. It is a manifold tool, for what it may concern its looks as well as its uses. We tried to represent the qualities of this object thanks to some illustrations, which metaphorically symbolize the qualities of the twine.


Tago has two kinds of packaging. The first one is a paper box, to be used in windows to promote the product. The boxes can be arranged to create many different drawing thanks to their illustrations. The second one is a reusable plastic label, which can hold the clew without wasting materials (the twine balls are usually wrapped in a plastic film).


In order to promote the brand we designed some posters, which show the illustrations in order to convey the sense of fun and creativity; the business cards for the shop, which can be taken by the clients as a reminder of the brand; a foldable catalogue, which shows the three types of twine sold by Tago; a postcard, which can be given in fairs and other promotional events.

Corporate identity

A company needs the basic tools to communicate to their partners and clients. That's why we designed a letterhead, an envelope and a business card. They all keep the illustration of the twine as a recognizable identity element, without being too informal.​​​​​​​

Social and web

We created a content strategy for the most famous social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We used some new illustrations related to the most common festivities, a friendly tone of voice and the opportunity for the users to share their creative ideas. We also designed a website to promote the products and the promotional events online.​​​​​​​

Brand identity

The graphic elements which are used to represent the brand are simple and clear. Three colors: black, white and beige. Aller is the font family. A handwritten logotype and the illustrations, which are animated in their digital version.

Temporary Exhibition

In order to promote Tago, we also planned and designed a temporary exhibition. The personal invitation to the event is uncommon and playful: a sticker which can be hanged to a twine and used as a decoration. The exhibition itself is a 3x3 meters room in which Tago's characters come to life and show the most convenient and fun way to use the twine. Some of the characters can also interact with the visitors...


In order to create the prototypes for Tago's temporary exhibition we used Arduino and VVVV. The three interactive spots of the exhibition are shown in the video down below: each one of them shows a convenient and fun way to use the twine.

Concept, research and experimentation

During the initial phase of design, a notebook has been the means to collect these inspirations, in the form of sketches, collages, moodboards and texts. A tool of research and experimentation.