Design Task - Zyliss Potato Ricer

This is a highly saturated market, with products available at all price points. However, Ricers have become a staple kitchen gadget and recognised by consumers as being a superior alternative to the traditional masher when it comes to getting smooth and fluffy mashed potato that isn’t lumpy, overworked, or gummy.
Zyliss need to be present in this market segment as part of the brand’s goal to be have a comprehensive range of everyday / high penetration kitchen gadget.

Must Have:
2 interchangeable blades: coarse and fine; Minimum force; Pot rest; Ergonomic, easy-fit handle; Non slip grip on handle; Easy assembly / disassembly; Dishwasher safe;
Nice to Have:
Large capacity hopper; No peel;  Built-in settings mechanism;
 Variable setting (instead of just coarse & fine)

All regulatory and other requirements here – including market specific, 5 year warranty against product failure, breakage of parts and corrosion; All materials to be EU and FDA complaint.
Product to be sold worldwide.
Initial Sketching
Design Solution

Upon research on existing ricers, a common criticism was the difficulty to clean the product after use and the storage size in the dishwasher due to the fixed pivot assembly. Based on these observations, the solution was to have a detachable upper handle allowing full access to the food chamber and easy storage in dishwasher.
Further Development
Initial Data
Design Development
Final Product
Zyliss Potato Ricer is an efficient and easy way of ensuring that the texture of your potatoes (or other similar vegetables) is smooth & lump free. It is easy to use and will give perfect mashed potatoes every time. It comprises ergonomicly designed long handle for leverage with non slip comfort grip with a unique solution of detachable upper handle for easy cleaning. RICING cooked potatoes gives them a lightness & evenness of texture that’s difficult to achieve any other way.
Step One - Place cooked vegetables into the food chamber
Step Two - Place the top handle with plunger directly above food chamber
Step Three - Squeeze both handles towards each other until riced vegetables will pass through the bottom of the product  
Step Four - To remove the top handle rotate it outwards until it stops
Step Five - Pull the top handle away from the food chamber to detach it
Product in use
You can buy it here - ZYLISS POTATO RICER


Zyliss Potato Ricer is an efficient and easy way of ensuring that the texture of your potatoes (or other similar vegetables) is smooth & lump fre Read More