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    this is nd photography course work
the grace clany project.
the grace clancy project is a shoot i did with  model grace clancy and edited images to the style of over artists.
the point of this shoot was to gather a range of images to play with from studio shoots to planned shoots out and about.
blending layers
the above final was created after insperation from the below image by bill mc conkey, from the collection mind, body and everything else. Due to the spirtual name and over pieces of work were holy, i decided it was fitting to do a shoot in truro cathederal. How i edited this was by taking pictures of one wing then where it naturally ended i resised the sam layer to appear as if the corridor goes on and on. I did this three times, so it would be similar to the insperation, as he had done this twice. I also added grace clancy in over frankie to add a dreamy weird element.
What really makes this image is the depth of feild as its soo deep, making the foreground and background the feature. Also the shadows and highlights in contrast with the structure of the pillars really bring depth! This really is a prime example of depth of feild.
after looking at vault 49 i decided i wanted to play with my own images and make my own creation that wasnt intentionally alike to another image i had seen...........
This image i like because it has a hand made feel as if the images were stuck down with glue and, the depth of feild is shallow which intenses the shallow depth of feild, another perk is that its interesting because there is alot to look at. But what i cant decide is if that the low saturation gives a dull greyscale that doesnt benefit the image, maybe even ruin ti, because its so dull. But i do think that it gives the image character at the same time! Which i was intending, but i like the sureal feel intensed by the greyscale, so i am not going to reedit this image.
My attempt at creating something with an elemeant of origonality i feel was successful. As with all my images i aim to have a dream feel, as that is what i would like that to be what defines my work, so in that sense i have achived my goal, but as to if anyone else has simalr if not the same image i doubt there will be one around.
this again was a series of layers moved and oppacity change. Then flattening the image and toying with the saturation using a block colour of purple to make it easier on the eye.
this is a studio shot
This was created by printing out the image of grace and frankie in the studio, then drawing them again nect to it by hand, i then decided to draw their shadows in as scribbles for the actual models then drew a stong outline for the drawings to have the models for their shadow. i did this by working out where i had to draw the models second so that i can edit in the shadow with least effort. To put in the shadow i used the magic wand tool and paste into. As you could guess from the heavy grain i used hightend the curves to make the drawings stand out more then on low opacity painted the real models back in.
I really like this image i feel its creative photography, before it goes to crazy like graphic desgn tertory, this works because its a balenced mixed and its too predictive and i will be using this as a final.
i edited this on photoshop, starting off with playing with the colours and then blurring where grace is. This is a very simple edit and not that special. I like it because it looks nearly normal untill you see that grace is blurred. How i did this was by using a lasso tool to select a triangle area around grace and then i used a blurred filter. 
i personally really like this image! due to how it all warps together, I feel it really does work well especially on the the ground it blends in very wellnot as much at the top though but that gives it an edge. this is just a beautiful image and i really enjoy it edited and not edited. its just very balanced and the tonel range adds hude amounts of depth.
If i was to re edit this i would toy with blending the top half in more sutbly its the head where i have a bit of doubt on this... But i still agree with myself on that this does give it an edge.