My works.(Japanese Kakejiku like by photography)
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    Please look at my works.
- Artist statement -
I express the delicacy such as the Japanese painting and the black-and-white drawing
(ink painting) while there is the reality of the photograph.
Using the Japanese traditional paper deepens more the view of the world.
I hope you feel the essence and soul of Japan.
- Technics -
My photographs are taken in the white balance of daylight and in chroma reduced  by half.
I print them by burning and dodging.
 (I do not operate the white balance after taking the photographys.)
- My blue color -
The blue of my photographs are taken in the shade or on a cloudy day.
The solar light is diffused by the cloud,and only the blue wavelength light  reaches the ground. The blue appears conspicuously before sunrise and on foggy days.
This is it.
 - The bleach bypass -
I reproduce the technique of the traditional film by digital.
The contrast considerably becomes higher,and the chroma becomes lower.
This technique is used in the movie,"MATRIX" and "Zatoichi" directed by Takeshi Kitano.
The Waterfall. (breach bypass)
The Moon.
The Tree.
The First blooming cherry blossom.
The Cyclamen persicum.