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Ferratella captures the traditions and small cultural details of Abruzzo, Italy. The furniture concept was based on Zirè, a traditional game typical of Abruzzo. The game uses a bat to hit a short and tapered stick throwing it far away.

The Ferratella collection resumes the tradition of wood with its traditional geometry and structure. It also throws it far away by adding modernized textures and colors. This establishes a dialogue between an eclectic style and the tradition of woodworking.

Prototype Materials: Laser-cut wood / thin wood veneer
Prototype Sizes: Dining Table: D14 x H7.3 / Low Credenza: D4.5 x H9.5 x W14 / High Credenza: D4.5 x H1.9 x W1.2 (Scale 1:100)

The inlays depict the lines and textures of the ferratella cookie. The ferratella cookie is a traditional sweet in Abruzzo, Italy made from batter and formed by a waffle iron.  The iron has several different decorations resulting in the geometric lines pressed on the cookie.  By taking these decorations and isolating certain elements, we developed unique patterns inspired by this old tradition