Short-Term Identity: Triwizard Tournament
The Fifth International Triwizard Tournament
I created a short-term identity system for the Triwizard Tournament, a fictional event from the Harry Potter book series. The system includes posters, candy packaging, and several other applications. All the applications are for students between 11-20 years old.

Printed on Neenah Sundance Felt Cover & Text paper
Envelope, invitation, and tournament schedule sent to each visiting school from the host school.
The tasks are a mystery to students as well as competitors, so minimal information is placed on each poster.
Printed Detail
T-shirts worn by each champion to show which school he/she is representing.
Handout to viewers of the first task that unfolds to show the order of events, information about the task, and information about each dragon involved.
Each type of candy relates to the task it is sold at.