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    Designing a magazine cover. For this project you will be creating a magazine cover of your own. You are free to determine the subject matter and… Read More
    Designing a magazine cover. For this project you will be creating a magazine cover of your own. You are free to determine the subject matter and readership of the magazine. - You must create all elements for the magazine (no downloading stock photography or using pre-existing magazine logos/nameplates). - The magazine needs to include the feature article headline and two cover lines (minor headlines). - Include the barcode, issue date, issue price and magazine website (can be “faked”). - The creative brief exercise should match the cover you submit. Imagery and type should match the audience you are trying to reach. - You must create a magazine logo/nameplate. - The cover image must be your creation and it can be an illustration or photograph. - The cover should be compiled in InDesign. Doing all design work in Illustrator or Photoshop then simply imported into InDesign is not acceptable. Specifications Software Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop for images; Adobe InDesign for the compilation of the cover. No more than 30% of the cover can be created outside of InDesign. Size of Page 8.5” x 11” Color Space CMYK Resolution 300 dpi Format Submitted Export final Magazine Cover to Print-Ready pdf. You will also submit your InDesign files, fonts, and images. Archive pdf of the final magazine cover, project files, and completed creative brief/self-assessment into one .zip file for submission. Naming Convention FirstName_LastName-Cover.zip Read Less
Having recently moved to the high desert, I have become enamored with the diversity of life that the desert holds. There are beautiful sunsets and the night sky is inspiring to me. There is a huge art community in the area and everywhere you look there is some type of art installation, yet mother nature is the finest artist in the area. Even the shortest hike yields an inspiring experience. Even in such an austere environment, nature has a way of creating beauty. Since arriving here I have devoured the local print scene and picked up every magazine that has good design and great information. I wanted to create a possible magazine for the high desert region to attract visitors to the area in a professional and aesthetically pleasing manner.
I desired to have the cover photo be of a hiker. Thankfully, my lovely wife assisted me in modeling on one of our hikes. The cover photo follows the golden section in cropping and composition with strong desert colors and theme. The nameplate was designed as type, as I believe that this type of nameplate is more appealing to my intended demographic. I wanted to use contrasting colors for the headline and story lines. I tied the information on the cover together by using the same fonts, but juxtaposing the colors. I also overlapped the sub-copy over the headline information to give the design a more elegant, yet modern look. 
I kept my color palette simple and effective in a classic red, white and blue motif. As the photograph is dominated by blue and tan, I went with a white nameplate for increased contract and to stand out among the other magazines. The word Wayfarer (meaning one who walks) is placed as red within the nameplate to draw attention to the sub heading. I designed a desert red, that harkens a deep cabernet sauvignon, that speaks to the affluent nature of the magazine’s intended demographic.  I juxtaposed the color for the story lines to show their subordinate nature. For the “supervillian” feature story, I used white for the headline and an 80% grey for the sub-copy. Due to the fact that this is a photo cover, with minimal copy, I decided to keep the color palette simple and clean.
Below are some images from my moodboard/inspiration files. You will see the picture below in next weeks project.
 I took my cues from the outdoor magazine industry. I desired to create an upscale styled magazine with the middle/upper income demographic in mind. My personal aesthetic is for clean, easily readable magazine covers with type nameplates. I did a google image search for outdoor magazines, and was able to clean up some of the business in my design with a simple story lines grid that is associative to the nameplate. All of the cove lines are fictitious, but could be appealing to the audience I am marketing this magazine towards. There are a large number of magazines designed to market the millennial audience, so I took my cues from the magazines directed to the Palm Springs audience, which is a bit older and is more affluent. I also derived some of my aesthetic for the magazine cover from the golf magazine industry, as the aesthetic is more in line with my intended design and audience.