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    Hong Kong first TVC X Mobile interactive gaming promotion
Coca-Cola "Chok! Chok! Chok!"

In Hong Kong, Coca-Cola was launching a regional TVC. And our task was to stay true to the film whilst getting every teen in town to see it and buzz about it. But now that they are less turned on by passive TV ads, how could we get this one spot to excite them on a whole new level?
We created an iPhone app where teens could catch the tumbling Coke bottle caps from the TVC to win instant prizes! 
Step 1: download the app
Step 2: wait for the TVC to air at 10 pm each night
Step 3: "Chok", or swing your phone, to catch instant prizes from the screen. We turned an otherwise traditional TV ad into Hong Kong’s and Coca-Cola’s first-ever interactive TV gaming promotion.
The results were simply astounding for its creativity and effectiveness:

- #1 download in app store on launch day
- 380,000 downloads in just one month
- Over 9 million times combined viewership on TV, Youtube and Weibo. (That’s 1.28 times for every man, woman, child and teen in Hong Ko ng.) It was the most successful Hong Kong Coke promotion and TVC in 35 years, opening happiness to new heights.

Major Awards:

• 2 Silvers & 1 Bronze at Cannes Lions 2012
• Best of the Show at Kam Fan Award 2011
• 1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze at EFFIE Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2012
• 1 Media Kam Fan, 2 Golds, 5 Silvers & 1 Bronzes at Kam Fan Award 2011
• 3 Silvers at Longxi award 2011
• 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes at Digital Media Awards 2011
• Aided Coca-Cola HK becoming "Best Digital Brand of The Year” at Digital Media Awards
(Best Client Award)
•  MMA Global and Regional Mobile Awards 2011:
   1) Global Winner and APAC Regional Winner – Branding
   2) APAC Regional Winner – Cross Media Integration
   3) First Runner-up and APAC Regional Winner – Promotion
   4) First Runner-up and APAC Regional Winner – Innovation
• Grand Prize at ROI Awards 2012
• Gold Medal at HKMA Awards 2012
• 2 Sliver at TIMES Asia Pacific Awards 2011

"The campaign impressed me by the way they make use of technology to build a real connection between audience and TV. I cannot find a such kind of campaign in Japan."
                                                                 - Yuya Furukawa, Executive Creative Director of Dentsu, Japan

"Chok!Chok!Chok!" in "Thoughtful China"

Three of China's most-awarded Executive Creative Directors -- JWT's Lo Sheung Yan, Leagas Delaney's Kevin Lee and and Saatchi & Saatchi's Fan Ng -- shared their favorite ads produced in 2011 and discussed the trends driving creativity in China today, including online media and greater use of humor. Listen to Mr Lo's comments on my work: