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    Design of a unique platter for The Draft House gastropub to be used for serving the Special of the day along with a pairing of craft beer.
The "Special" food platter for the Draft House was a request from the client to have a unique board to serve the special of the day on (paired with a craft beer of customers choice). 
The design was developed from initial stages of general look and feel (with regards to visuals, functionality and use) through to structural development of the handle to ensure rigid structure. 
The main elements of these boards are the board itself, which was laser etched with the logo and waxed with bees wax and olive oil to finish, and the structural handle/holder, which also held the board over the table allowing the pint glass to sink into it while being carried. 
The wooden part was hand made by a carpenter in Dublin and had 2 sections - food and drink. The drink section had a hole in it to allow a pint glass to sit into it.
The copper intricate copper piping construction was welded together and the holes were closer off with brass ends from 12-Gauge Shotgun Shells, which fit in perfectly into their slots like they were made for it. The copper structure also allowed a slot for additional tray to be carried.
The design allowed the waiter to carry the entire meal AND a pint in one hand with a perfect balance.