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    Visual identity for photography exhibition.
Tätä tietä! ~ This way!
Visual identity for photography exhibition.
The annual curated member exhibition of the Union of Student photographers of Finland opened in Jukka Male Museum of the Cable Factory March 2nd 2012. Twenty young photographers from five different universities in Finland presented their work in Tätä tietä! – This way!

The photogprahy of the participating young artists convey a strong take on observations of the surrounding reality. Central themes portrayed are the wonders in life, amusement, beauty, fragility and uniqueness. The exhibition highlights the importance of artistry and personal involvement in an artistic process. For these photographers the world cannot be accepted directly as is. It takes intransigent observation, interpretation and presentation to conclude their stance.

The visual identity was designed around typographic playfulness, randomness and continuity. It challenges the visitor to discovery and open-mindedness. 2012.