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    Kisai On Air Acetate is the extraordinary wrist watch produced by TokyoFlash
Kisai On Air Acetate
Now in white and navy blue colors.
The limited edition Kisai On Air Acetate watch is available in four display colors each with LED backlighting. The LCD display is always on so the time can be read at a glance and the LED backlight function means it will light up on demand, a useful function for night time.

On Air Acetate's time display is minimal and intuitive. The digital numbers on the screen are the hour hand and point to the current hour in the same was as the hand on a clock. The digits on the screen are the current minutes. Reading the time couldn't be easier.

The date can be read in exactly the same way with the hand pointing to the month and the digital numbers showing the date.

Acetate is a special material used in the production of high end sunglasses and other fahion accessories. Manufactured in the same way as stainless steel, each part of this LED watch design, including each link that makes up the strap has been carefully hand cut, machined and individually polished before assembly.

A strong material with a deep gloss that can be cleaned easily, Acetate has a silky finish, similar to ceramic or lacquerware and is light and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for wrist watches.

The custom made case is curved so the watch will fit your wrist perfectly.

Here you can purchase White or Navy versions.