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Stroboscopic series from the project "Studies In Time"
Written In Blood
From "Studies In Time"
Written In Blood is a series from my project Studies in time: a collection of multiple series created using Stroboscopic techniques. Stroboscopic photography was first used by Gjon Mili in the 1940’s to freeze successive actions in a single frame. Using either flashes or mechanical interruption of the shot, an image is able to be captured sequentially rather than instantaneously.

For these photographs, I used a combination of both a handmade mechanical stroboscope as well as an off-camera light setup. By changing the papers used in the mechanical stroboscope, I was able to create textures and a high amount of graininess in certain images. With other images, such as the In Dreams series, the papers chosen give a luminescent, almost painterly quality to the resulting images.

While this technique has the ability to capture multiple actions in a single frame, I also found that alterations in shutter speed create a more subtle rendering of the sequential actions, distorting the character and it’s movements in more variety and detail than slow shutter speed alone. I plan to continue working with different variations of the stroboscopic technique.
Falling In Love
Seven Ways To Murder Memory
Vertebrae And Lullaby
The Long Goodybe