Mobile Antennas
Final thesis: Integration of antenna technology in urban space
Made by: Troels Rask Pedersen, Anne-Sofie Voss and Anders Backe
This project deals with the implementation of new technology in urban space in relation to the further deployment of mobile broadband in Denmark. 
Increase in capacity-demands and ambitious goals from the government for 2020 on the one hand puts pressure on the mobilenetwork operators (MNOs) to deliver, while municipalities and citizens on the other hand makes it difficult to take action.

The process is carried out as an iterative integrated design process, where every corner of the theme is explored and the solution is developed with focus on a range of design parameters and through several layers of abstraction. 
Through comprehensive research it is concluded that small cell antennas could be the answer to the prayers of the MNOs. At the same time it is discovered, that most municipalities in Denmark plan to replace the current streetlights with new power saving LED lighting, rendering a golden opportunity for an integrated solution. 

The final solution proposal is a system that revolves around a completely redesigned street lamp, with an integrated antennasystem. The main selling points are: 1) The MNOs can reduce expenditures, as the prices of rent and transmission can be greatly lowered; 2) The processing of building permits can be eliminated, making it easier for MNOs to plan the roll-out, while satisfying the needs of citizens for getting better broadband faster and save time and money for the municipalities; 3) the municipalities have their street lights upgraded to a more sustainable solution, while minimizing future antenna sites on roofs.

It is further discovered that this is a global need..
When the night comes..
Outer shell removed showing the inner configuration of antennas and LED equipment.
Integration of functionalities in inner configuration.
Different colors for different municipalities or neighborhoods.