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Background + Overview
The proposed townhouses to be built in Adentan, a suburb of Accra, is an initiative of Wyn Contracting. The architecture of the townhouses is by arcAura, a reputable architectural firm in Accra. This is the fourth project by the client but the first to be marketed and sold off plan.

The proposed semi-detached houses are 4 units of 4 bedrooms. Client wishes to market the property off plan. He will prefer that the renderings be displayed on brochures, flyers, social media sites, as well as for print. They should be of the quality that the prospective homeowner can appreciate. The idea is to also lift up the already existing facade and the color scheme to give it more appeal. Client prefers the exterior renderings to focus on the side of the property which faces the main road as well the front and the garden on the compound. 

1. The objective is to provide high end renderings to visualize the proposed interiors and exteriors of the property. 
2. The high end images are for marketing purposes; to be printed on flyers, bill boards and digital circulation. 

Audience + Tone
The proposed houses are targeted at the middle to lower upper which often include middle management professionals and buyers who would rely on a mortgage to acquire their own property in these parts.

The renders of the design should appeal to the urbane and lover of modern and contemporary design.

Message + Visuals
In a property market where consumer trust is ever dwindling and purchases not very encouraging the client seeks to establish the Adentan Townhouses as the most thought out and beautifully crafted residence for families. 

A - Facade re-design

B - Interior design, Modelling and Rendering         
1. Living and dining area 
2. Master bedroom 
3. Master bathroom 
4. Kitchen 
C - Modelling and rendering of exteriors            
1. Shot from across the street to side of the property 
2. Close up shot of property 3. Shot of the front of the property