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    Old Pixel Videogame Art
My Old Pixel Art.
Kicking off with my first commercial loading screen ever made...'Roller Coaster Rumbler'

16 colours, 320x200. I had to build the entire loading screen around the Tynesoft Logo colour pallette 

Restrictions on hardware at the time - Atari ST, Amiga, PC (CGA and EGA Modes) - 8 Colours.
Resolution - 320x200 - 640x480 depending on hardware
Colours - 16, sometimes running 2 banks of 16 (foreground and Background)
We then moved up to 256 Colours. BLISS! :)
'Turn And Burn' - My first game for Flair Software. Awful Logo! 0.o
All originated on Atari ST Running in 16 colours.
 Ninja Rabbits Loading Screen - 16 Colours Cyberpaint Atari ST
Elvira The Arcade Game - Amiga + Atari ST Screens
Winter Supersports '92 - Flair / Microvalue

3D Environment. Sprite Toboggan.
The crowd shot. I crammed as many team members and friends in that I could.
The blurry mush on the big screen is some TV footage stored as an 8 colour bitmap sequence
Morph © Millenium Interactive - 1993
Expendable / Millenium Soldier. We moved up to 256 colours!!
One of the first games to employ the use of bump mapping (Nvidia)
Power Drive Rally - Jaguar © Rage
256 colour Sprite Sheets