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Bell&Ross Aero GT #DesignProcess
We started this project under the direction of Bruno Belamich (Creative director and co founder of Bell&Ross) and Sebastien Gobert (Designer at Bell&Ross) who wanted to create a new supercar for Bell&Ross, inspired by the Aeronautic world, in order to create a new range of watches. 
This project is composed of three parts.
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August 2016 update - mostly proportions.
The design team is composed of :
Adrien SénéDesign team manager
Valentin FuchsDesign team manager
Patrice Minol Design team manager
Eric GuertzmannDigital design manager
Francois CarpentierExecutive designer
Celia HuartExecutive designer
Julien DebrasDigital designer
Concerning the origins of the creative phase, we choose to work as a design team, This allowed us to organize our work and exchange through the different stages of the process of the aerocar conception.
We started the project with an immersion inside the Bell&Ross world, with the idea to broadcast the aviations lines & sensations inside an aerocar and we decided to take the Rafale, an iconic figure for France, as our main inspiration for the AeroGT.

"The Dassault Rafale is an Timeless aircraft, launch in 1986, today it’s already one of the most efficient plane.
It will be the fighter of the French army at least until 2040."
Our team right in a difficult situation. Which identity to choose for the AeroGT? 
Tape drawing 
Once the design fixed, we worked on tape drawing (with the help of Nick Hull) to evaluate on 1:4 scale the side view proportions. This exercice allowed us to modify a little bit on computer the global proportions before begining the 3D model.
We also worked with the digital designers as a team to build the perfect volumes and makes sure the AeroGT wille be faithful to the sketches.
Adrien Séné - Design team manager
Eric Guertzmann - Digital design manager
During this Refinement phase, Eric and I worked together in order to push the design of the Aero GT further in order to get a coherent design theme.
The main changment was about proportions and the front design language. We had to add more details on the bonet to get something more agressif and characterial. The rear was something very interesting to work because of the fact that we hat to give an identity to it by working on the horizontality and the incorporation of the two enormous exhaust. 
The Bell&Ross Aero GT was officially presented at the 2016 BASELWORLD. 

In 2016, Bell & Ross is firmly focusing on the motoring world, another one of its designer’s favorite fields. The brand has designed the AeroGT, an avant-garde concept car and GT grand sport with bodywork as streamlined as a fighter jet. ​​​​​​​
Thierry Fischer - Etude de style 
Jean-François Bozec - Etude de style
Bell&Ross AeroGT