These are some artworks I realized between november 2011 and january 2012 in collaboration with for the clients CADILLAC, SMILEY, CHEVROLET and BUICK.="http:>
Life asseen from a CADILLAC.
This work focuses on the quality and the performance of Cadillac engines.We all live in a frenetic world which leaves us breathless, but still cadillac is the fastest piece of this shaking puzzle of life.
This work focuses on the emotional side of SMILEY brand.
As in the Founder’s aim N.Loufrani Smiley is not merely a lifestyle, it is indeed a point of view. That inspired me to represent the brand as a positive eye on the word,not only something you should have, but also something you should search for, you should catch.
CHEVROLET as a world of pure creation.
The shape of a car, in this case the Stingrey, is a combination of engineering art,innovation and most of all imagination.
Artwork for BUICK.

The genius bends the rules of the game from the inside to create an illusion which transcends itself.
The same principle seems to have inspired the eccentric design of the 1948 Buick Streamliner.