PostPoster is an ongoing experimental project that explores 
human interactions and the space between 
the arts and technology.
My initial inspiration for this project was an essay by the name of „the computer for the 21st century“ by Mark Weiser about the concept of ubiquitous computing from 1991. The theory says, that one day we will operate computers without even noticing and they will „weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life“. I was inspired by this idea of „calm technology“ and soon found a material called Electric Paint, produced by a british company called bare conductive. I had the idea to make an interactive poster, that plays sounds and attracts people.
On today‘s typical poster is a picture of – let‘s say – a band, plus a weblink or maybe a QR Code. What the poster is saying is: Get out your phone and check me out. 
In today's world, quite a lot of things want you to get your phone out and check them out, constantly. In consequence, it's getting harder to draw someone's attention
A poster that plays sounds by itself doesn't want you to distract yourself with your phone or anything else, it's a immediate interaction
As a first test, I made a video of myself, tapping on a poster and triggering different sounds. Those sounds were made to go together well, no matter what time you trigger them, so you get the feeling of playing and making something.
In collaboration with the music group "W E C A N B U I L D Y O U" a first live test was made. 12 sound snippets of a song of theirs could be played by fans or passengers. The poster involved the persons who played it, but at the same time, represented the distinct sound of the band. 
The graphic for the interactive poster for a gig of W E C A N B U I L D Y O U. A Human/machine Cyborg gets built from the outside, and those parts can be touched to experience the electronic yet hand-made sound of the band.
Version 2