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    story of Trainer
作品名稱 │ 馴人師
創作者 │ 羅傑耀
使用媒材 │ 油性粉彩
創作日期 │ 2016
我要購買 │http://goo.gl/Oa2DlQ

Artwork title │ Reborn
Illustrator , author │ Roger
Technique used │ Oil pastels
Creation date │ 2016
Online-shop │http://goo.gl/Oa2DlQ

得獎 Awards
2016 JIA 日本國際插畫大獎 入選 (日本)
2016 第四屆個人風繪本文學獎 第三名 (台灣)

2016 JIA Illustration Award/ Fine Work Prize (JP)
2016 4th personal style Illustrated Literary Award/ bronze medal (TW)




This work presents ten stories about how a human trainer changes the life of those who he met. We all have been told to be obedient since our childhood, and have no other choices when faced with issues of youth, love and affection. In this work, the human trainer is a metaphoric character, who frees us from mortal restrictions and brings us back to innate natural behaviors. With skilled crayon techniques, the designer perfectly exhibits people’s joy and relief as they change their life and let go the past.(Taiwan Picture Book Association-Lucy Chen)
我要購買 Online-shop │http://goo.gl/Oa2DlQ